New Balance Sneakers printed in 3D


If you want to be on the CUTTING EDGE of technology, especially when it comes to sneakers, you have to be doing some 3D printing. That’s just how it goes. You want to be IN THE CONVERSATION? You better have some 3D printed soles on the release calendar soon. Nike has said it, Adidas has already shown it off and now New Balance is in the game as well. The first release, the running shoes seen here, will hit retail in April 2016. New Balance also says that some of the previous efforts in 3D printing in the sneaker world will be put to shame with the advancements it has made here, as the competitors are “rigid and heavy” and “not appropriate for running.” While we don’t run all that much (surfing the ‘net is our preferred method of exercise), we still want some comfort in our game-changing technological advancements. Hopefully NB will be able to port over some of its foam technology to the lifestyle sneakers. Imagine a 997 with a bubbly, extremely supple sole like this and the otherworldly levels of comfort that would come along with it. Dreamy.




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