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New Balance Sneakers printed in 3D

If you want to be on the CUTTING EDGE of technology, especially when it comes to sneakers, you have to be doing some 3D printing. That’s just how it goes. You want to be IN THE CONVERSATION? You better have … Continuar a ler

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Edmond Wong & Stratasys create stunning B+ stool

Hong Kong based designer Edmond Wong has collaborated with Stratasys to produce a visually stunning 3D printed stool, made with both 3D printed components and salvaged bamboo. The partially 3D printed seat, called the ‘B+ stool’, was designed for “Create Outside the Grid”, a Hong Kong exhibition organised … Continuar a ler

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Singapore International 3D Printing Competitions

​​Organized by the Singapore Centre for 3D Printing (SC3DP) at Nanyang Technological University, the Singapore International 3D Printing Competitions goes into its 4th successful run in 2016! Launched in 2013 with an overarching mission to promote awareness and adoption of 3D printing … Continuar a ler

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Renaissance Candlesticks

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Multithread – 3D Printed Structurally Sustainable Furniture

The Multithread collection was devised using a software application created by Weisshaar and Kram, which can analyse the forces acting on supports for a slab – in this case a table top or shelf – and automatically alter the shape … Continuar a ler

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TOYZE é um projecto de character design da autoria do escultor António José Carvalho, em parceria com o seu irmão gémeo António Salvador Carvalho. O projecto de contornos maioritáriamente  gráficos explora o cruzamento de expressões visuais  entre a arte popular … Continuar a ler

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Design and print

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